BISAHA – Now on iTunes!

I wanted to take the time and personally thank you for being a friend and fan of BISAHA! It’s been a fun ride the last couple of years as we have begun building something we hope can bear fruit. Things have been moving along – and we are now picking up speed. A liitle about what’s been going on…

Have had a few nice gigs this year that have generated some label interest. Not only a couple of major labels (Capital and Warner Brothers), but a few mid-majors as well. We have also had some exposure into the Nashville area with a couple of our tunes that could ‘cross over’ a bit into that market. So there is a buzz…

The labels that have attended our live shows like what they see and hear. Nice vocals, a great band – something you don’t see every day. The venues we have played have been great as well!

That said – the majors are looking for us to have more of a presence in the internet community. We have recently promoted into production – please check it out. There are still some minor things left to add there – but all in all – a very conclusive site that represents BISAHA well. More to come on that.

In addition – they are hoping we have a presence in the online distribution space. So – we have signed on with Catapult Distribution and have released our EP – ‘Step By Step’ into the digital download market. It will be on all of the major disti channels. Today though – it is just on iTunes. Search for BISAHA – and there you go!

So here’s the hope… They will be tracking our downloads over the next couple of months. The better we do there – the more likely we will have the label AnR people pushing us up the food chain. Each song is 99 pennies, or the whole EP for $5.94. Yea! Please take a listen on iTunes, and if you are so inclined – please download. If you could pass on to your friends would be even more appreciative! You can have a hand in getting us signed to a major record label!

That’s it – it’s that simple. We are looking to consolidate emails and contacts as well from the various social media outlets. If you could go to and send us an email through out contact page – you will help us with that consolidation.

Thanks for your help and consideration! We hope to be able to take this to the next level. Your help is essential for that to happen!

Yours in the music! Hope to see and hear from you soon!