About John


Rock and Roll, Blues, and a ‘whole lotta’ big time vocals thrown into a blender with the switch set on high. That’s what you get with BISAHA. Nothing more – and certainly nothing less!

Born in New York, John BISAHA is a pure vocalist who has worked within various forms of the industry for years. BISAHA has been honing his chops from a very early age, from fronting bands to television sitcoms, from character voice overs to equity-staged rock operas (Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspeed and Destiny Faire).

John has just been chosen to be the lead vocalist/bassist for THE BABYS, a 70′s and 80′s group – responsible for two top-10 hits – ‘Isn’t it Time’, and ‘Every Time I Think of You’, along with several top-20 hits – ‘Head First’, ‘Back On My Feet Again’, ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ and others! It’s a dream position for John! The band is putting together new material and working up the hits – in order to get on the road and tour in 2013. Look for THE BABYS in your town!

BISAHA has performed around the world with various groups, traveling throughout The Far East, Europe, and across the US. BISAHA has had the good fortune of working alongside, and opening up for such artists as Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Ricky Phillips (The Babys, Bad English, Styx), Blondie, DEVO, Tom Morello, Barenaked Ladies, John Densmore, Ozomatli, Heart, Cheap Trick, Robin Trower, Blue Oyster Cult, Bonham, Trevor Rabin and several other notable acts. BISAHA has recorded albums with Disney, most notably the ‘D2′ soundtrack, which also included Queen, The Troggs and a couple of other household names in the industry.

BISAHA’s recent EP was created and produced at Brokenwave Music, Simon Phillips’ Phantom Recordings, Tom Brooks’ New Earth Studios, and several other editing studios – then mastered at Stephen Marsh Mastering, who has worked with The Black Eyed Peas, Incubus, Jars of Clay, Rob Thomas and scores of others.

BISAHA’s initial EP – ‘Step By Step’ is now available on iTunes!

John is endorsed by Audix Microphones, Steve Clayton Picks, and several other bass, amplifier and string endorsements about to be released.